A Letter From Baby "SHUNI" whos in Heaven Mami & Daddy, Please don't cry for me, I'm where I need to be. The Angels brought me here, And they're always near. You gave me all your love, And I brought it up above. I feel it everyday, I'm not that far away. Please don't cry those tears, Or waste away your years. God has work for you, There's something you must do. God's message will be clear, When the time is near. Just hold me in your heart, We'll never be apart. Remember Jesus loves me, He gave his life to set me free. Because Jesus has risen, I see him each day in heaven. They love me like you do Mami & Daddy, And they take good care of me. So don't worry, and don't be late, I'll be waiting at heaven's gate ~*~ see you in heaven ~*~.... [MySpace Dividers] I’m happy as can be, An Angel watches over me. Keeping me safe each day, Guiding me all the way. I know I’m really special, Loved by my Guardian Angel. As Angel wings unfold, My riches aren’t of gold. Sprinkled with the Angel dust, So I believe and trust. I’ll never walk alone, I’ve got an Angel of my own!..